"Are You Losing (Instead Of Having) Lots Of Money... Because You're Making These Little Yet Dangerous Mistakes Without Your Knowledge?"

Discover the most powerful prosperity secrets of the wealthy to attract non-stop abundance and money to your life, no matter what your current financial situation is.

From: Michael Lee


Dear Friend,

If you've tried all your best to make money, but you barely make ends meet, then perhaps my story could turn your entire life around.

You see, making money has always been one of my most important goals. But my journey to financial success was filled with obstacles and problems. Perhaps my experience sounds similar to yours...

I worked as an employee in numerous companies, and had been a victim of extreme stress and nasty office politics.

I tried various business and selling ventures, including network marketing scams that promised to multiply my investment for no extra work. It was frustrating, but at least I learned my lesson.

I also bought countless books and attended seminars that claims to reveal the greatest secrets of the wealthy and rich. But despite everything I learned and experienced, nothing seemed to work out.

Then late one night, to get my mind off my problems and disappointments, I decided to watch some videos related to attracting abundance and prosperity on youtube. By chance, I landed on some self-improvement videos on having the right mindset and belief to achieve what you want.

Then it struck me like a bolt of lightning...

I discovered that I'm not getting what I want because of the limitations I had set on my mind. My self-sabotaging attitude and limiting beliefs about money was hindering me from achieving my financial goals.

You too might probably have one of these common, but dangerous, beliefs about money. Look at the list below and see if you do:

Money is the root of all evil.
Only dishonest people get rich.  /  Only poor people can be trusted.
It takes money to make money.
It's not what you know, it's who you know.
Unless you have the right connections, you'll never succeed.
The best way to wealth is to get a high paying job and work hard.
You have to get good grades in school in order to succeed.
There's only so much money in the world, and the rich have most of it.
Our money supply is controlled by an elite group of people who keep us poor.
You can only expect to improve your situation a little at a time.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
There's no such thing as "get rich quick".
You can either do a good job, or a fast one.  You can't do a good job fast.
If you're rich, you have to worry about everyone taking advantage of you.
Don't spend any more than you have to.  /  Free stuff is as good as stuff you have to pay for.

If you "checked" on one or more of the items above, that could be the reason(s) why you're not earning as much money as you want.

To help jumpstart your journey to financial freedom, I'd like to give you free access to an amazing course entitled "Prosperity Secrets" where you'll discover:

The surprising truth about the Law of Abundance
Secrets to test and use the Law of Abundance and ensure it will work for you.
How to develop a "richness consciousness" so you can enjoy abundance asap.
How to become wealthy by going to sleep!
A magic formula to maximize your creative mind's power, so you can solve financial problems (or any problem for that matter).
How to unleash the power of positive focus to achieve your dreams.
The most important kind of riches (Hint: It's not money!)
And more incredible self-help secrets, tips and advice to greatly improve your life!

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I've met many people in my life who don't want to get rich because they have the wrong and limiting belief that money can either make them more greedy or cause arguments in families. Some of them even think that it's immoral to be wealthy. How pathetic!

The truth is, money can only magnify whatever qualities you already have. So if you're selfish right now, you could become more selfish. But if you're always lending a helping hand, money could only make you a better person.

In fact, money allows you to contribute more to society. This art of giving to others (and especially if you're being appreciated) can give you much more happiness than any other things in this world.

But that's not all...

For Many, The 'Golden Rule' Means: 
"He (or She) Who Has The Gold Gets To Make The Rules."

There's nothing wrong with having money.  In fact, when you have plenty of money, most problems go away. 

You don't have to worry about how the bills will be paid, or about creditors calling you to collect on insurmountable debts.
If you see something you want, you just buy it -- without looking to see if you have enough in your bank account to cover it.
You never have to work at a job you hate.  You can always tell your boss to "shove it" at any time.
Once you have money, it's a lot easier to make even more money.
You can take extended vacations anywhere in the world, as often as you want.
Everyone enjoys being around you because you have the magic touch.
Any health problems get treated by the best medicine money can buy.

So now we're clear that it's perfectly fine to have more money than you'll ever need - to enjoy unlimited abundance and prosperity without feeling guilty - you need to get started in programming a wealth mindset and adopt the belief that attracts overflowing abundance to your life.

But having the right money mindset, attitude and belief about money is not enough if you're clueless on what steps to take. You also need a step-by-step action plan to go from where you are now, to the abundant lifestyle you've always dreamed of having.

If You Want To Break Out Of The Prison Of Poverty, And Have More Money Than You'll Ever Need, Then Listen Up...

You see, it took me several years (and thousands of dollars) to finally attain the financial success I've been longing for. If only I knew then what I know now, my journey to abundant living would have been so much smoother, and I would have reached success far sooner.

Come to think of it, my past mistakes, learnings and experiences have given me the inner quality to become a money magnet. Without them, I would still be living a life of mediocrity and confusion.

But if there's a faster and easier way to live a life of abundance and happiness at that moment, I would have immediately grabbed it to save several years of frustrations (and prevent a lot of financial pitfalls and wrong decisions).

I mean, why go through all the costly trials-and-errors when there's an all-in-one resource containing all the step-by-step secrets to manifesting wealth and abundance for a lifetime?

The problem is that despite the many products available, a lot of vital things were missing. It wasn't until I have spent countless dollars on information and experiences, and several years in fitting all the pieces of the massive wealth puzzle together, that I have achieved significant breakthroughs.

I've been wanting to share my secrets to the public and compile my knowledge into a course. But recently, I've read an unusual book that - SHOCKINGLY - already contains most of my wealth and prosperity secrets... plus a lot more step-by-step wealth-generating methods that could propel anyone to abundant living in no time flat!

As my way of giving back to the Universe, I've bought the resale rights to this extraordinary guide so you can grab this gold standard book for dirt cheap.

So want to know more about it? It's fittingly called...

Prosperity From the Inside Out

This book represents the best information I know on how to attract abundant prosperity into your life.  In fact, if you were to hire me as a life coach to help you create more prosperity in your life, this is exactly where we'd start, and you'd pay me $100 per hour (for many hours) to share it with you.

Prosperity From the Inside Out hits the ground running, addressing the primary source of problems for most people - their limiting belief system about money.

You see, your belief system, in a very clear and direct manner, determines EVERYTHING that happens to you.  For instance, no one ever tries to do something they believe to be impossible, and the only people who try to get rich are those who believe it's possible.

In a similar way, your beliefs about yourself as a person will also determine whether or not you go after the things you want.  In fact, I've seen many people who will consciously sabotage their own success just because they don't want to be disappointed in the future!  How crazy is that?

Even without the conscious self-sabotage, our feelings and "intuition" are usually the result of an internal guidance system based on our beliefs, which direct us to create life as we expect to find it.  As an example, poor people often get "a feeling" that any good opportunity has something wrong with it.  This keeps them poor, and missing out on the rich bounty that could easily be gained.

Section 1 of this powerful book starts out by showing you how easily you can increase your self-worth and your self-confidence.  By the time you're done reading this, you will have absolutely no problem saying "I am worth a million dollars!" and completely believe it.  How much would it be worth to you to feel that good about yourself?  But this is only the beginning!

From here, Alan shows you just how powerful beliefs are, and why you want to address any problems in this area first before you take action to attract greater wealth.  Of course, he also shows you how to find limiting beliefs about money and change them to more empowering beliefs.

But Here's What's REALLY Special About It

Alan has included a list of 207 of the most empowering beliefs regarding money and prosperity.  This list of beliefs has been distilled from his many years of research and coaching, and is worth many thousands of dollars by itself. 

It's like having a treasure map showing you EXACTLY where to dig and find gold, jewels, and a magic machine that will produce all the wealth you'd ever want.

By using the techniques given to program these 207 beliefs into your mind, you will have an automatic wealth-attracting machine inside your head guiding you to do and say the right things at the right times... so manifesting prosperity and attracting money becomes an EFFORTLESS process. 

Once you have a prosperous belief system, all you have to do is go with your gut and follow your natural impulses.

And this is just the first section!

Section 2 shows you how to take conscious action to create prosperity in personal matters.  Money may be great, but it's not the only thing worth having.  Here is where you learn how to be happy every day no matter what may be happening around you, how to eliminate stress, and turn anger into joy. 

It's been said that many wealthy people would gladly give all their money away just to be happy.  And right here, you get the answers they would spent their fortunes to discover.

Section 3 continues this outward progression and describes what Alan calls "Power Persuasion".  This comes from the science of NLP and conversational hypnosis, as well as traditional sources.  In fact, this section was pulled right out of Alan's $97 Keys To Power Persuasion course, and forms the entire backbone of that material.

One key principle behind wealth is that the money you want has to come from other people; and when you know how to communicate persuasively, you can get anything you want.  Money, love, respect, and more are easily gained when you know Power Persuasion. 

I can tell you from my own experience that this knowledge is indeed priceless.  Once I learned how to communicate and persuade effectively, all my relationships became a whole lot nicer and more enjoyable.

Section 4 is where Prosperity From the Inside Out provides you with step-by-step action plans to increase your wealth.  Starting with an almost magical formula for turning debt into wealth, Alan also shows you how to thrive in any economy, whether you have your own business or work for someone else.

And he doesn't stop there.  In fact, you'll discover 23 key principles behind all business success.  Alan also shares with you a 'never-fail' business opportunity, and the lessons he learned from it. 

You'll learn how ANYONE can make BIG BUCKS on the Internet, and the secret formula behind Frank Kern's popular "Mass Control" marketing course, which sells for $2000 when it's available. Call me biased, but I firmly believe that...

The Internet is the Greatest Money-Maker in History!

How many times have you heard or seen this statement?  Guess what?  It's true!  No-where else can someone spend less than $100 to set up a business and start making money within days. 

If your "intuition" is telling you that something's wrong with this statement, then you've found another limiting belief that needs to be changed quicker than a dirty diaper.

Because I know firsthand just how easily you can make money online.  Within this powerful book, you'll find that Alan offers you a carefully selected mini-library of information showing you EXACTLY how to start making money online within days.  He was able to do this because of a special situation that exists on the Internet -- resale rights! 

You see, Alan purchased the rights to resell certain quality products he felt would help you the most, and offers them to you as a gift for buying his book.  In fact, it's because I was able to obtain resale rights to Prosperity From The Inside Out that I'm able to offer it to you today. They include the following:


Alan Tutt's "Keys To Power Prosperity":

"Prosperity From The Inside Out" started as an update to an earlier book called "Keys To Power Prosperity".  During the update process, several chapters were removed to make room for new material.

Although these chapters were removed, they still offer valuable ideas, such as how to create your own subliminal recordings, how to get your computer to help you reprogram your belief system, the Power of creative daydreaming, and the Power of affirmations.

Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich":

In the history of the world, one man, more than any other, has been responsible for helping more people become millionaires -- Napoleon Hill. 

And his book, "Think and Grow Rich," is regarded as the greatest success book of all time! Now its wealth secrets are yours to uncover.

Plus, you'll also get an audio version of this phenomenal book so you can absorb prosperous thinking while doing other things.

Napoleon Hill's "Law of Success in 16 Volumes":

Napoleon HIll was a Master researcher.  After interviewing men and women from all walks of life, his research revealed the core principles which lead to success. 

His classic, "Think and Grow Rich" was a simplified book meant for the masses.  His earlier work, "The Law of Success in 16 Lessons" was much more detailed and contained everything his research uncovered.

Each lesson was originally printed and bound as a separate volume, as presented here.


Sen Ze's "Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models":

It's all well and good to know the core principles upon which prosperity is created, but to REALLY make money, you have to have a plan to follow. 

In this book, you'll find many different plans which have been proven to create abundant prosperity from tiny investments.

Never be at a loss for ideas on HOW to build a profitable business online.  Every successful business is based on one or more of these core business models, and you can be just as successful by emulating them.

Jimmy D. Brown Report Collection:

Jimmy D. Brown is recognized as the Internet's leading expert on building profitable mailing lists.  This is important to you because once you have a good mailing list, you can make as much money as you want at the push of a "Send" button.

Of course, before you can cash in on all this, you have to build a large mailing list, and this is where these reports come in handy.  With the simple step-by-step process provided, you can build a massive list of subscribers eagerly waiting to give you money.


Jonathan Leger's "$7 Secrets":

One of the EASIEST ways to make money quickly is to offer a low-priced product that's worth a LOT more than it costs.  Just think about it -- how much do you think about making a $2 purchase and how much do you think about making one for $200?

In this short ebook, Jonathan provides a very clear, step-by-step plan to set up a money-making system which not only makes money, but also builds a large mailing list in the process.


What Is All This Worth?

To be completely honest, I could name any price for the materials contained in this package, and I'd be completely justified.  Just to put things in perspective, here is a secret that was sold for $25,000 way back in the 1920's.  Nothing more than a prioritized to-do list.

Each day, write down the things you must do the next day and list them in order of priority.  Then, simply tackle each item on the list in order.  That way, even if you don't get everything done, you will get the most important jobs done, and your productivity is thereby increased.

By the way, it was one of Andrew Carnegie's top executives who paid the $25,000 for this idea, and he felt it was well worth the investment.

So, let's review what's included and how valuable each piece is, and set a fair price, okay?  As we do this, let's consider true values, meaning how much the information is worth (at a minimum) when you put it into practice.

When you order today, you get Alan Tutt's brand-new book, "Prosperity From the Inside Out", which offers you the following:

  1. Step-by-Step plan to increase your self-worth.  ($5,000 value)
  2. Step-by-Step plan to increase your self-confidence.  ($5,000 value)
  3. A clear understanding of the true Power of belief.  ($1,000 value)
  4. Step-by-Step plan to find your own limiting beliefs about money.  ($5,000 value)
  5. Step-by-Step plan to change limiting beliefs into empowering ones.  ($1,000 value)
  6. List of 207 prosperity-attracting beliefs, ready to program into your mind.  ($50,000 value)
  7. Step-by-Step plan to be happy every day no matter what is happening around you.  ($10,000 value)
  8. How to eliminate stress.  ($1,000 value)
  9. How to turn anger into joy.  ($1,000 value)
  10. A clear understanding of why people do what they do.  ($1,000 value)
  11. 5 Phases of Power Persuasion.  ($1,000 value)
  12. 6 Personality Scales, and how to measure any person upon them.  ($1,000 value)
  13. The Key to Instant Persuasion, and how to develop it.  ($5,000 value)
  14. Step-by-Step plan to turn debt into wealth. ($5,000 value)
  15. How to thrive in any economy.  ($1,000 value)
  16. 22 Principles to succeed in any business. ($10,000 value)
  17. Step-by-Step guide to help ANYONE make BIG BUCKS on the Internet. ($10,000 value)
  18. Step-by-Step guide to make money promoting other people's stuff.  ($10,000 value)
  19. Step-by-Step guide to creating effective viral ebooks.  ($10,000 value)
  20. Secret Formula behind Frank Kern's $2000 Mass Control course.  ($20,000 value)

Total REAL value:  $153,000!

And with the bonus gifts Alan offers from inside the book  --- $250,000 would even be a fair price, especially since you can take this knowledge, apply it, and earn millions with it.  (If you KNEW that you could double every dollar you spent, how much would you invest?  And would you borrow money to do it?)

So, you see that I could charge a huge amount for the secrets in this "Power Prosperity Package".  But I'm not going to.  For one, that wouldn't fit with the principles I know to work.  If I did that, I wouldn't make much money.

For another reason, I wouldn't help too many people.  Those who need to attract prosperity are usually those without a lot of money to start with.

But I do need to charge something. Knowledge gained freely is very seldom appreciated. So to help as much people as I can become wealthy at the soonest possible time, I'm giving this package to you at a highly discounted price of only...

Discounted Price:  $97 $57 $27 only if you order today

This package is being sold online currently at the original author's site for $97.00 or $19.95 for 6 months (along with a few more bonuses). But you can get it for a rockbottom price of only $27 here if you invest today.

Quick Review

For just $27 today, you're going to get:

  1. Prosperity From the Inside Out  (downloadable ebook)
  2. Keys To Power Prosperity  (downloadable ebook)
  3. Think & Grow Rich  (downloadable ebook and MP3s)
  4. Law of Success in 16 Volumes  (16 downloadable ebooks)
  5. Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models  (downloadable ebook)
  6. Jimmy D. Brown report collection  (4 downloadable ebooks)
  7. $7 Secrets  (downloadable ebook)

And all instantly available after your payment is processed.

Quite honestly, I can't put a true value on any of these, since I firmly believe the wisdom contained within is priceless.

Suffice it to say that you're getting a LOT MORE value than represented by the tiny $27 price tag. And I'm absolutely confident you will be thrilled with what you're getting, that I'm offering a...

100% Risk-Free, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

I wouldn't offer anything I couldn't back up with a guarantee.  I know that anyone who applies the material will see results. The only ones who don't are those who think they already know everything. That's why I'm willing to let you "test-drive" the whole package and put all the risks on me.

If you EVER feel the value of this package has not lived up to your expectations, I will cheerfully refund every penny you've invested within 60 days from your date of purchase.  No questions about what you didn't like.  No "prove you've used the materials" questions.  No questions whatsoever.

Simple email your refund request and Receipt Number to mikeAT20daypersuasion.com if you want to get a full refund. It's that simple. Frankly, you've got everything to gain and nothing to lose in giving this a try, except a lifetime of struggle and hardship.


Why You Need To Take Action Today

One of the lessons I learned too late is that the earlier you start developing your prosperity, the better.  The WORST thing you can do is tell yourself, "I'll think about it later" and then forget about it.

Anthony Robbins, one of the greatest leaders in the area of personal development, says that the quality of your decisions is reflected in the quality of your life.  Unless you can make decisions quickly, your life will become a chaotic jumble of what other people want.  If you don't have the prosperity you want in your life, it's because you haven't yet decided to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I know how easy it is to put off making a decision.  I also know the pain and frustration of not having abundant prosperity.  I want to do whatever I can to help you move past that and into a joyous life of everflowing wealth. 

That's why I set up the dirt cheap price and the 100% money-back guarantee -- to make it easier for you to make the right decision, and to do it quickly -- right now.

Click Here to Get Started Now

Michael Lee,

Self-Help and Persuasion Expert

Author of How To Be An Expert Persuader

P.S. My friends are calling me crazy for offering such tremendous value at a meager price. I mean, can you imagine getting life-changing information worth millions of dollars for less than 30 bucks? It's insane really. But this very special offer may end any time now. So grab Prosperity From The Inside Out now before the price increases.

P.P.S. To give you 100% assurance of its effectiveness, I would gladly refund all your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason, or even for no reason at all. It's either you multiply your investment many times back by applying the poweful steps in this book, or you don't pay anything.

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